Best of SparkYo Channel YouTube 2022

 Sparkyo has a lot of great YouTube content for you to watch in 2022! Follow Sparkyo on Twitter at

 SparkYo Chan made an art painting

How to paint with acrylic paint / advanced painting techniques for beginners and winners. Sparkyo has the best place to paint and relax.  

Finally! A tempered glass Game Boy color screen cover (GENIUS!) | Beginner's guide to retro

Watch him fix the scratched up screen on this gameboy color by replacing it with tempered glass. Then he cleans the intermittently broken buttons to make them work better. This repair video is only the beginning of a series of retro refurbishments to upgrade and restore this old dirty gameboy color. 


Workbench overhead microphone audio tests and 6-month SparkYo Channel check-in #Vlog 

How does my audio sound? We try out multiple microphones in several configurations and try to see how to make a mic sound better when shooting overhead camera workbench videos for youtube.  

 New youtubers be like #shorts #clip

This is a really funny joke. It's been a long journey in the six months since I officially launched SparkYo. I'm trying to do better with every video, and there's still a fair amount of experimentation and growing pains as I try to figure out what works. There's a lot of "try it and see" and I'm trying to avoid the overwhelming burnout.  


Why did I just microwave a glowstick?!

What happens when you microwave a glowstick? Let's find out. Have a little science experiment, if you will.

Let's Help out new YouTubers in 2022 - How to help break the algorithm and GROW subscribers FAST

Is it possible to actually grow a new YouTube channel in 2022? When you're just getting started as a new YouTuber, the first thing you learn is that you need a lot of help to figure out the algorithm, and how to make a good video that people want to watch.


Gameboy Color Full Body Makeover and LIT IPS screen in under 20 mins | Beginner's Guide to Retro GBC 

You'll be amazed at how easy it is to upgrade your dumpy old game boy color to it's final form. The ultimate super modern mega retro handheld console with a GIANT new screen! 


Microphone SLAPFIGHT! Behringer C-2 vs Alctron T05 | condenser pencil microphone audio test

Two microphones enter, one mic leaves! Lets have a dialogue about dialog microphones! We are going to run some audio tests and compare two inexpensive pencil mics in order to find the best budget microphone for voice!