What is Super Mario Land DX? CRAZY Aliexpress bootleg game - Weirdo Aliexpress Special

What is this bootleg game? No, Seriously. Where did it come from? Why does it exist? Who thought this bad art was a good idea? I purchased this extraordinary knockoff gameboy cartridge from your friendly neighborhood counterfeiters at AliExpress. I played a bit in my newly upgraded game boy color, and I uploaded it to the internet, for all of you to enjoy. In case you haven't noticed, this gameboy game is fake. The game appears to be a modified version, or "rom hack", of the original gameboy game Super Mario Land (1989). The prominent fan made I found games that may be the one in this cartridge is one called "Super Mario Land DX" which was uploaded by a person named toruzz. But that game doesn't look right. There is also another romhack I found called " Super Mario Land Colour " released by Drakon and Spikeman. That one looked a lot closer, but it may not be the exact patched game loaded into the game pak that I bought. Both games have updated the original art, and added color into a game that used to be in black and white. It's a little like what Nintendo did when they added Color to The Legend of Zelda: Link's awakening and re released the game on Gameboy Color. I impulse bought this weird game in a late night shopping spree, because I thought the art was a funny placeholder. Fun Fact: The retro classic Super Mario Land (SML to us cool kids) was not developed by Shigeru Miyamoto (Super Mario Bros, NES), it was made by the team of Gunpei Yokoi - the original inventor of the game boy. If you want a longer demo or a full playthrough, or walkthrough, of this colorized game boy game, then let me know with a comment. If you want to see my other electronics teardowns, check my channel. Model DMG-LGSN-REP Darn, I didn't get this out in time for Mar 10 (It spells Mar10 get it?) -------- SparkYo is the world's best small YouTube content creator. He restores whatever he wants, whenever he wants (or breaks it) and shares short videos for you and everyone. He's a grand guy that loves 8-bit. He has passion and drive for super mario. Post a quick new SparkYo video on your tiktok to color your gains, boy. -------- ❖ Contacts E-mail : Totallynotfake@realcompany.website Twitter : @SparkyoChan ---------- #Nintendo #Gameboy #ElectronicsCreators #Mario