How to fix Microphone Buzz - King Bee 2 noise hum issue repair

    It's so easy to repair a noisy King Bee 2 studio microphone that it should be illegal. Imma be honest, I was pretty bummed out when my Neat King Bee II was having problems, but thankfully this quick fix makes it very easy to buck the hum, and works great. 
    You may have seen some reviews for the Neat King Bee 2 talk about how it has a buzzing or noise problem. 
    If your large condenser microphone is having problems while under warranty, then call up customer service and ask for a replacement. I'm not sure what went wrong over at Turtle Beach, but these XLR mics have a pretty obvious quality control issue that they should have caught before shipping their product out to Amazon. But if you find yourself with a broken microphone and no way to get a new one, then hopefully this will help you resolve the issue. 
    Fortunately, it looks like they finally figured out the problem at the factory, and that new microphones should not have the loud buzzing. But who knows if your sweet music store of choice actually has the new and improved version. Is it safe to buy a neat king bee 2? Maybe. Probably. One of these microphones didn't have issues, at least.
    You'll want to make sure they fix the issue before deciding if this is the best microphone for streaming on Twitch or YouTube. This is the most in depth full and complete review for the neat king bee, because we look at three of them from the inside. Does your microphone sound like it has a bad ground loop? Grounding problem? RF or EMI interference? Give this solution a try. 
This is the best way to fix a microphone. 
    Does it sound good after I fix it? You decide! You will witness with tears in your eyes as SparkYo as he performs a Triple Teardown of 3 microphones. Each tear down more tear-down y than the last. There's no need to buy an extensive copy of "Microphone repair for dummies". What a luxury, you big spender, you. 
0:00 Does the Neat bee microphone buzz? 0:11 What is wrong with this condenser microphone making a buzzing noise? 
0:25 Microphone buzzes when I touch it 
0:35 Try to return your mic if it has a loud hum 
1:00 Neat microphone overview and pop filter removal 
1:35 Bee microphone disassembly teardown and case mod
 1:48 Neat Large Diaphragm condenser capsule review 
1:58 Do I need to repair the circuit board in my microphone? 
2:20 I don't know how to say WIMA but it's a brand of capacitor 
2:58 Wiring for XLR cable connector inside my microphones 
3:15 This microphone was ruined because of the paint 
3:31 Whats wrong with my microphone 
4:15 How to actually fix a studio xlr microphone 
    The neat King Bee II is a large diaphragm studio condenser microphone with an XLR connection that requires phantom power. It is a good value microphone that can be used for Voice Over, Singing, Podcasting, gaming, streamers, video production, zoom calls... pretty much anything you want as long as you have an audio interface, a well treated acoustic space ( vocal both ) with a stand that can handle a giant, unnecessarily heavy microphone. This gear wouldn't do well on stage. It includes a shock mount and a pop filter, of sorts. this microphone costs less than $200. Don't buy an expensive microphone for VO until you have built enough acoustic treatment and sound panels. 
    Now it's time to go buy more audio gear that I don't really need, because I'm bad at making my voice sound good. 
SparkYo is the world's best small YouTube content creator. He restores whatever he wants, whenever he wants (or breaks it) and shares short videos for you and everyone. He's a grand guy that loves to waste money on trying to sound good. He has passion and drive for basically never streaming ever, exept for those two times. Post a quick new SparkYo video in your 4k test footage because it has excellent audio mouthfeel. 

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