Recapping the Nintendo Entertainment system NES


Do you have an old front load Nintendo Entertainment System? This is a helpful tutorial about how to recap the NES-001 console, as well as some helpful tips and tricks for the general repair and maintenance of your retro gaming console.
Of course this means another retro tear down. Welcome to the SparkYo Channel! Hopefully you learn something with me, SparkYo!
It's time to spend way too much time learning how to change the capacitors in a front loading Nintendo NES 001 as an important preventative measure to defend your video game console from time relentlessly marching to the future.
I'll also talk about modifying the security lockout chip 3139A in your nintendo. The 5V linear power supply is restored and tested to see if it is an upgrade.
0:00 SparkYo is not talking about the history of the Nintendo NES
0:30 Do I need to fix my nintendo
1:14 Hack to permanently stop old nintendo NES blinking light
1:42 Why won't my Nintendo turn on No LED light
1:58 Repair NES AV out RF Modulator Power supply removal and fix
2:26 Best solder removal  tool Hakko FR-301
3:13 What's inside a Nintendo power supply RF box
3:46 Capacitor C21 Nichicon VT(M) 2200uF 25V
4:34 Cap C25 UCC KMA 100uF 10V
5:09 C23 Nichicon VTM 100 micro farads 25 Volts
5:40 C29 (R) CE 1uF 50V
6:09 C35 R? CE 1uF 50V
6:36 soldering in capaciters at 2000%
6:56 Should I refurbish NES rectifier diodes with 1N4007
7:28 what bridge rectifier replacement part for Nintendo (RC207)
7:47 C23 Rubycon CEw 1uF 50V
8:09 C29 Rubycon CEw 1 µF 50 V
8:32 C01 Rubycon CE W 100uf 6.3V
8:58 NES 5V regulator 7805 for when NES wont turn on
9:10 Will a cheap amazon wall wart power brick work with nintendo
9:29 Replacing NES voltage regulator HA17805 with MC7805ACT
10:10 Old vs New Thermal images - can I upgrade NES efficiency
10:21 Welcome to SparkYo Channel

Did anything I did in this video improve the video output quality or gaming experience in my nintendo entertainment system video game console?
Not at all. My game box was already performing at the most optimal factory experience that the 1980s could provide. But it if you have a broken NES, then there is enough information here to fix most common problems. I hope to help you restore your retro game console to working condition. At least if you have a general idea how to fix nostalgic antique electronics, or at least how to solder.
I'll add an easy shopping list for the new capacitors into the description soon. You need to order parts that are no taller than 11mm for inside the PSU AV board.

Frontloader Model NES-001
The NES-101 NES Junior uses totally different capacitors
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